ERP Services

ERP is one of the world’s leading software vendors, providing a diverse software suite that spans the enterprise. However, aligning these applications with your business and maximizing their value requires considerable expertise.

Our ERP services help companies acquire the competitive advantage of a truly synchronized organization.Our ERP solutions and services deliver effective ERP system through flexible implementation to streamline business processes and improve quality.We know that implementing Enterprise Applications is complex and challenging activity. We take utmost care to understand every aspect of the implementation, consider views of all the stakeholders,

Braintech maintains the skills necessary to successfully implement all aspects of an ERP implementation including: business process design, system configuration, system testing, documentation, training and change management.There are advantages of using ERP services as it helps to arrange and assimilate all the systems and processes to be used in an enterprise.

The Information Technology wing of Value Consulting caters to IT enablement of Business Processes based on best practices blending Business process and Information Technology.