IT Resource Management services

itOur company is known for good resource hiring, and we seek to maintain this by always making sure that the people we hire are only suited to carry the name of our company.

While technology can improve competitive advantage,People are an enterprise’s renewble asset. This section provides you with invaluable resources that will make your life easier.

Getting our human resources outsourcing services would help you save a lot. It would not only help save you money from hiring and training on your own, it would also save you the effort.

We have a wide network, so we are sure we can find the best people for the job you are looking for.

With our superb resource hiring services, you do not need to spend countless of money to make sure the to-be employees of your company are trained and well-developed.

We provide long-term and short-term IT staffing solutions to various clients in different industries such as Banking and Finance, Software Development, Engineering, Manufacturing, as well as Consulting and Training.Our Managed Services provide an economical means of keeping your corporate IT Structure aligned to your business .

Software development services

Onshore Software Development
Onshore Software Development

We are a software development and information technology consulting firm, engaged in the development of traditional and Internet-based applications for our domestic and international client base.

Once we have identified our risks & controls and streamlined the business processes we need to know during a span of time whether the systems are actually helping us in managing the business risks properly on continuous monitoring is what we do in Process Based Internal Auditing.

In the modern world customers are far more demanding and web savvy than they used to be. Gone are the days when they were willing to put up with delays and inconveniences when dealing with clunky websites.

In order to retain your visitors you website needs to provide the experience that your customer’s have come to expect: it needs to be fully interactive; to provide all the information your visitors need in an easy assimilated and enjoyable manner;

We are a vibrant and dynamic software development team operating on a global model dedicated to providing high quality IT Solutions to our clients.

ERP Services

erpERP is one of the world’s leading software vendors, providing a diverse software suite that spans the enterprise. However, aligning these applications with your business and maximizing their value requires considerable expertise.
Our ERP services help companies acquire the competitive advantage of a truly synchronized organization.

Our ERP solutions and services deliver effective ERP system through flexible implementation to streamline business processes and improve quality.We know that implementing Enterprise Applications is complex and challenging activity. We take utmost care to understand every aspect of the implementation, consider views of all the stakeholders.

Braintech maintains the skills necessary to successfully implement all aspects of an ERP implementation including: business process design, system configuration, system testing, documentation, training and change management.There are advantages of using ERP services as it helps to arrange and assimilate all the systems and processes to be used in an enterprise.

The Information Technology wing of Value Consulting caters to IT enablement of Business Processes based on best practices blending Business process and Information Technology.

Business intelligence

businessIf you are looking for help to grow your existing business, you are in the right place – We have won clients millions of Dollars s of business, increased sales, profitability, market share and efficiency.

The digital economy is triggering a new wave of transformation in the way leaders and organizations do business. However, this rapid adoption of new technologies demands significant cultural change and challenges traditional business models.

Let’s find the right direction in executing your business strategy. The communications ecosystem is constantly changing with the introduction of new trends, technologies, players, government regulations, and cost pressures as well as the growth of mergers and acquisitions.

Together with our partners, we provide innovative solutions built on Symantec products which delight our customers by reducing IT risk and maximizing IT performance around Symantec solutions.

Below, you can view examples of the various information technology consulting services and solutions provided by our partner community and Symantec Consulting Services.We are firm believers that knowledge is power, but also that specialism and an eye for detail are key to successful businesses.

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